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Forest Products

Devere Limited, Inc.


Enhancing your bottom line is one of our specialties.  We do this through marketing virtually every aspect of your timber operation's residuals. Utilizing your in-woods logging slash, municipality debris, storm damage waste, non-merchantable timber stands, pre-commercial thinning, under-brushing and wild fire prevent harvest, we work with you to find outlets for your residual.  From paper quality chips to sawdust and fines, we can help you market and sell your residual timber products.

Paper quality chips

We have markets throughout North America for paper quality chips.  Contact us for our paper quality chip specification sheet.

shredded and less than paper quality residuals

Less than paper quality timber products can be used to manufacture MDF and pressed fiberboard.  Let us know how we can help you market these products.


We can assist you in finding buyers for your quality lumber products.  We can work with truck and railroad contacts to help you negotiate the best prices for transportation and loading.